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Bellevue Law celebrates 10-year anniversary by publishing its first-ever Impact Report

Bellevue Law has published its first-ever Impact Report as it celebrates turning 10.

It has been a busy period for the boutique law firm which joined the B Corp community earlier this month: the accreditation recognising the firm’s deep and longstanding commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

Since 2014 Bellevue Law has remained committed to doing business fairly, and ethical practices remain at the very heart of the firm’s ethos. The firm has a proud,  demonstrable track record of ethical business and was the first law firm in the UK to be accredited by the Good Business Charter in 2020.

Florence Brocklesby, Principal at Bellevue Law, said: “We have made a commitment to lead the way in responsible business practices. Alongside a period of growth for the firm, we have participated in a number of initiatives to play our part in achieving a more sustainable and just world. This report sets out what we have achieved so far and establishes a benchmark to measure our impact going forwards.

“Becoming a B Corp, achieving a ‘Band A’ Law Firm Maturity Index ranking and our involvement in the #Forthe100 campaign stand out as highlights of the year. We also embarked on our second greenhouse gas emissions audit as part of our commitment to transparency and environmental stewardship.

“Achieving B Corp status was just one step on our journey to ensuring our positive impact on our people, our communities and the planet, and we have set targets for further improvement in the coming months and years.”

Bellevue Law has set out a number of goals for the year ahead, including:
– Governance: Setting targets and KPIs for social and environmental performance 
– Workers: Implementing staff pension plans that specifically include socially responsible investment options 
– Community: Donating 2% of pre-tax profits to good causes 
– Clients: Maintaining a score of 9/10 or above for ‘likely to recommend’ in our annual client survey 
– Environmental: Reducing our emissions per team member by 50% from 2022 by 2030.

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