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Getting into a rut with your clients is good for business

In most services firms, a sizeable percentage of this year’s clients will be next year’s clients too. They will also recommend a fair volume of new clients too.  Or will they?

Face to Face with Leor Franks

Leor Franks is one of the marketing heavyweights having worked with the world's largest and most dynamic professional services firms. The Professionals caught up with Leor to discuss how marketers can audit the current...

Face to Face with Will McLaughlin

The automation of everyday marketing and business development tasks can help free up time to focus on those that add value. But do not be tempted to automate everything. The human touch remains vital, says Will McLaughlin,...

We’re all digital now

We’re all digital now, so is it time to drop the ‘digital marketing’ label? Not just yet, says Alex Footman, head of marketing and business development at Quantuma. Alex joined Quantuma, the advisory firm,...

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