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Professional Services branding: What’s your type?

Typography plays an important role in designing a professional services logo. It helps convey a brand’s identity, values, and message effectively. Here are some key reasons why typography is crucial in logo design for professional services:

The SOAP Model: a tool for professional development and personal growth

Reflection is essential to our learning and growth. When we reflect on our experiences, we can learn from our mistakes, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop new approaches to problem-solving, writes Beverly Landais. The SOAP model is a powerful...

If you want to grow your firm, you’ll need a clear BD plan

With economic downturns, the rise of AI, the proliferation of online meetings, and the increasing and ever-changing nature of competitors there’s a huge amount happening in the professional services sector. There is, writes The BD Ladder’s Ben...

Not all AI is the same… and the latest generation carries risks for marketers

Who will win the generative AI race and what does it mean for client listening? Paul Roberts of MyCustomerLens looks for answers. The marketing world is littered with examples of corporate battles being waged...

Threads’ growth slows by 90%

After becoming the fastest-growing social media platform and reaching 100 million users 12 times faster than ChatGPT and 55 times faster than TikTok, Meta`s Threads has seen its user growth significantly slow in the past weeks.

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