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MyCustomerLens shortlisted for Best Technology Product in legal awards

A company that uses artificial intelligence to provide businesses with real-time client feedback insights, has been nominated for a prestigious award for its work with some of the UK’s biggest legal firms. Glasgow-based MyCustomerLens – which works with legal and other professional...

Don’t go it alone: Proven strategies for finding a mentor

Being mentored is a fantastic experience, wrote Beverly Landais in The Seven pillars of a thriving mentoring relationship (March 2024) in The Professionals. But how do you find the right mentor? Here Beverly Landais some proven strategies.  Behind every stunningly...

Zoom Backgrounds: Professionalism or Personability

Slick corporate background or the home office? What your Zoom background says about you. In today's digital age, the way we present ourselves in virtual meetings holds significant weight. With the rise of remote work, Zoom backgrounds have become a...

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