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BKL – the largest UK accountancy firm to achieve B Corp status

In October 2022, the London accountants BKL achieved B Corp status. It is believed to be the largest accountancy firm to meet the high standards needed to qualify as a B Corp.

BKL began its B Corp journey in 2021, assessing its impact on its people, clients, communities, and the environment, achieving accreditation on its first attempt. The Professionals is joined by Myfanwy Neville, a partner leading the firm’s ESG consulting practice, and its marketing and business development director Simon Bussell who share their B Corp journey.

In this interview, Myfanwy and Simon explain:
– Why has BKL chosen to become a B Corp.
– The changes the firm had to make to achieve B Corp status.
– What being a B Corp will mean to the firm in the way it looks to grow.
– What it means to the firm’s employees.
– How the firm maintains the high standards required of being a B Corp.

Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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