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Ontier rebrands to reflect commitment to growth and innovation

Global law firm Ontier has launched a new transformative brand that reflects its growth ambitions and innovative approach in the legal industry.

Ontier worked with Tátil Design, a creative agency renowned for its work with global giants Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Danone to introduce a new brand identity inspired by the Fibonacci sequence – often described as nature’s secret code and used as a method for examining and predicting natural growth and change.

It retains the teal colour synonymous with Ontier but seeks to incorporate movement to capture the energy, flexibility and disruptive spirit at the firm, the firm told The Professionals.

The new brand is being rolled out from 24 October across Ontier’s physical offices, marketing materials and digital channels. In the next phase of development, the digital manifestation of the brand will be enhanced to be able to respond to sound and voice activation.

Bernardo Gutierrez de la Roza, Ontier CEO, said: “Innovation runs deep within Ontier’s DNA, whether that is the way we market ourselves, nurture and empower our talent, or deliver services to clients. Today’s rebrand breathes new life into our firm. It captures our character and our values, and ensures our identity reflects the way we approach our business and that of our clients.”

The core of Ontier’s new brand revolves around the concept of flexible unity and adaptability. It reinforces the firm’s transition towards becoming a single, cohesive entity – Ontier’s innovative business enterprise structure that prioritises client needs. It also aims to convey the firm is constantly developing and getting stronger in partnership with its clients.

“Ontier’s rebranding journey is about more than a logo and design – it reflects a unified vision, mission, and values across the global firm for the first time,” said Daniel Souza, Creative Director from Tátil Design.

“It is based on the natural passion and entrepreneurial spirit of its people. It is creative and novel just as they are. And today is just the first step – the Ontier brand will evolve and move forward, pushing boundaries in the way clients can engage with it and experience it. We hope it inspires all of those it touches in the Ontier community.”  

The UK headquartered firm has 13 worldwide offices and is the largest law firm in Latin America. In September the firm was named the winner of “Innovation in People Management” category at the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards 2023 in London

Matt Baldwin
Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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