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Boodle Hatfield – celebrating 300 years

In 1722 the law firm Boodle Hatfield first opened its doors. Over the past 300 years, the firm has shaped London’s famous West End and Mayfair.

Today, Boodle Hatfield continues to build lasting legacies, representing some of the country’s largest property owners, entrepreneurial businesses, and wealthy individuals and their families.

The Professionals caught up with Kelly Davison, the marketing manager at Boodle Hatfield who has gives an insight into the firm’s celebrations and shares with us just how you prepare for such a momentous milestone

In this interview, Kelly explains:
– How Boodle Hatfield is preparing for its 300th anniversary.
– How its anniversary plans have changed following the continued impact of the Covid pandemic.
– Creating a programme that appeals to a diverse client base and staff.
– The balancing of that heritage and history whilst showing the world that Boodle Hatfield is a dynamic law firm well placed to meet the needs of today’s clients.
– How the marketing and BD team manages the weight of expectation in delivering a memorable programme.
– And a preview of some of the activities we can expect throughout 2022.

Visit www.boodlehatfield.com to learn more.

Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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