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Boutique law firm Bellevue Law announces B Corp certification

Bellevue Law has announced that it is now a certified B Corporation (B Corp), reflecting its deep and longstanding commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

B Corp Certification verifies that a business meets high social and environmental performance standards, transparency, and accountability across its social and environmental performance, from supply chain and input materials to charitable giving and employee benefits. Becoming a certified B Corporation is considered to be ‘one of the most rigorous, comprehensive and rewarding business processes’.  

The firm was founded in 2014 to offer lawyers completely flexible and agile working, and an alternative to the legal profession’s traditional focus on long hours and billing. Since then, Bellevue Law has remained committed to doing business fairly, and ethical practices remain at the heart of our legal practice.  The firm has a demonstrable track record of ethical business prior to this accreditation:

  • Bellevue Law was the first law firm in the UK to be accredited by the Good Business Charter.
  • Last year, it also received impressive results in a trial of the Law Firm Maturity Index (LFMI) benchmarking tool. The firm was deemed a highly mature and responsible employer, gaining a Band A level, which indicates higher value realisation, reduced business risk, and greater stability than the average score of competitor firms, which fell within Band B. 
  • It is well-known for its work on culture, discrimination and equality matters, including representing many clients in the legal sector.

The firm achieved a verified B Impact score of 88.6 points on certification, with 80 points required to certify.

Bellevue Law becomes only the 15th law firm in the UK to become B Corp accredited. The others include:

  1. Radiant Law – October 2019
  2. Bates Well – October 2019
  3. Brabners LLP – September 2022
  4. Anthony Collins – November 2022
  5. Stephens Scown LLP – December 2022
  6. KaurMaxwell Ltd – May 2023
  7. EMW Law LLP – June 2023
  8. Joelson LLP – July 2023
  9. London Law Collective – July 2023
  10. Cripps LLP – November 2023
  11. Muckle LLP – December 2023
  12. Hartley Law Limited – January 2024
  13. Artington Legal – March 2024
  14. Ignition Law – March 2024

Bellevue Law’s certification also brings the number of wider legal business B Corps in the UK (including non-SRA regulated legal services providers) to 25.

Florence Brocklesby, founder of Bellevue Law, said: “I created Bellevue Law with ethical business at its heart, so I’m very proud that we are now a B Corporation.  Achieving certification is a testament to our strong values, ethical practices and commitment to ESG.

“As a relatively small firm, certification has required significant time and resources, but with commitment this has been not only achievable but also hugely beneficial to the firm, its people and our clients.

“However, this is just one step on our journey to ensuring our positive impact on our people, our communities and the planet, and we have set targets for further improvement in the coming months and years.”

Matt Baldwin
Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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