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Can law and accountancy firms use social media influencers to greater effect?

Social media influencers are unlikely to replace the trusted client testimonial, but they can help professional services firms build audience engagement, says Andrew Trotman.

Utilising influencers as part of a promotional campaign, also known as influencer marketing, is an exciting and growing area of social media marketing. In essence, it takes endorsement from online celebrities and content creators and places it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign with the results of the campaign created between brands and influencers.     

A common misconception about using influencer marketing for businesses is that it’s not for everyone and only ‘cool’ consumer brands can be successful at it. But that just isn’t the case.

The reality is any brand can make a success of social media in general but particularly when it comes to incorporating influencers/content creators as part of the campaign. The platforms such as TikTok and Instagram present us with a huge opportunity to get any brand in front of lots of eyeballs in a way that other methods of outreach just can’t compete. 

Here are a few tips on how more professional services like law and accountancy could jump on the trend:

  • Team up with influencers that will appeal to your audience. This will strengthen brand loyalty with your audience. It doesn’t have to be about you, make it about the audience!
  • Embrace results over vanity. Look into the underlying metrics of an influencer campaign. The data will tell you what is working for your audience. 
  • Don’t be frightened to try things. Test and trial are important. Working with influencers, whether nano, micro or mega in size, test a reel or a few posts and gauge the reaction both in terms of revenue potential and awareness levels 

Working with Influencers
The way brands are working with social influencers is changing. Traditionally, brands have used social profiles with large followings to launch a product, but consumers are getting savvy now and looking to see that the influencer has values aligned with the brand. Brands ideally need to find the influencers that use the product or service already, so the link is more authentic. 

Ok, I get it, it’s unlikely that accountancy and law firms are going to stumble across an influencer showcasing their services online already, but the key thing to bear in mind here is that third party endorsement for your services can be so important for growth. 

Could the social influencer replace the trusted client testimonial?
Well, not entirely. While money is exchanging hands for a partnership to promote the services, there will always be a level of scepticism. 

But choosing someone with an established presence online will give you:

  • A creative approach to spreading your message.
  • Broadening your target reach. 
  • Brand loyalty. 

So, can law and accountancy firms use social media influencers to greater effect? Absolutely. They should be asking themselves who might reflect their values, who could add creativity to their messaging and do I have everything in place to test and learn. Don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone to explore this channel for your marketing.

Andrew Trotman is the CEO and Founder of KOMI Group, the social media marketing, talent, and content licensing agency who, as well as providing exceptional service to clients, own its own social media brands such as It’s Gone Viral.

Matt Baldwin
Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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