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Mastering the art of LinkedIn for professional services

LinkedIn has around 800 million users across the globe, and over 57 million listed companies. With this in mind, it’s an invaluable resource for every single business to utilise and is one of the top social networks.

What your clients want – new research from the Law Firm Marketing Club

Every year client research is conducted by the Law Firm Marketing Club to help law firm partners and marketers understand how clients decide who to engage. CEO Clare Fanner shares its findings. Before asking...

How brand (not branding) might help law firms

Just because ‘brand’ is the first syllable of ‘branding’, that doesn’t mean they’re the same thing. In fact, they’re quite different. The ‘brand’ part should be done before the ‘ing’ part is even considered, otherwise everyone will...

Why ‘purpose’ might not be the marketing department’s friend

At a recent conference, the panel chairman declared that “purpose has been hijacked by marketing departments”. You could hear half the audience bristle. My neighbour’s knuckles turned white, and a few people crossed their legs. A raw...

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