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Client listening – The Professionals speaks to Claire Rason

Client listening and client feedback programmes are valuable tools for professional services marketers. They are the bedrock that supports marketing and business development activity. They are also two very distinct activities.

The Professionals is joined by Claire Rason, a director at Client Talk, a consultancy created to change the conversations professional services firms have with and about their clients to discuss client listening and client feedback programmes.

In this video, Claire explains:
– The difference between client listening and client feedback programmes.
– How they can work together.
– How client listening programmes have changed over the last two years.
– The rise of informal client listen programmes.
– What informal client listening programmes look like.
– How marketing and BD teams can create a culture of listening.
– The importance of acting on the information given and how you can approach potentially difficult discussions.
– How client listening programmes might change and evolve in a post-pandemic world.

To learn more visit www.clienttalk.co.uk.

Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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