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HelenSquared hires Shepherd and Wedderburn’s digital marketing manager

HelenSquared, a legal marketing joint venture between Helen Burness and Helen Foord, is growing its team of experienced legal marketers. 

Michelle Clement has recently joined the team as Marketing Manager from her role as Digital Marketing Manager at Shepherd and Wedderburn. Michelle will be helping to deliver the team’s flagship marketing programme, Five Steps to Five Star Marketing, which is specifically designed for SME businesses in the legal industry to provide them with a mix of direction, strategy, and delivery. 

Michelle will also be developing a further suite of products to empower legal businesses of all sizes to have access to fixed-fee end-to-end marketing solutions that deliver impact and results. Michelle said:

“There’s a gap in the market for small legal businesses to access high quality, experienced marketing support is really designed to move the needle for them. The team at HelenSquared brings BigLaw insight to start-ups, scale-ups and small businesses in legal, and it’s great to be able to unleash some creative ideas to support them as they grow.”

HelenSquared is committed to helping legal businesses of all sizes grow and succeed. Find out more on https://saltmarsh.marketing/helen-squared/

Matt Baldwin
Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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