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How to advance your career in professional services marketing

There are many good books available that explore professional services marketing but precious few designed to help individuals build and progress their careers. That has now changed.

Dominic Ayres, an international senior client, marketing and strategy manager at Eversheds Sutherland has published a new book that provides valued insights into professional services marketing with advice on how to take your career from marketing or BD exec to CMO.

‘How to advance your career in professional services marketing’ draws on the experiences of more than 150 senior professional services marketers from around the world together with Dominic’s own experiences. It is a valuable resource for any ambitious marketing or BD exec looking to build their career.

The book over five parts covers:
– Making an impact in your career, with a 90-day plan for everyone starting a new role.
– Alignment with strategy – making the transition from tactical to strategic activity
– Working together as a team and the shift to leadership
– Internal stakeholder management and the importance of building an internal brand
– Proactive career management

In this video, Dominic opens the cover to his book, explaining why it is needed and what readers can expect, alongside advice to other budding authors.

To obtain a copy of Dominic’s book, visit https://sites.google.com/view/advance-your-career-in-psm/home

Matt Baldwin
Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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