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Conquering unwieldy client relationship programs

When a law firm’s client relationship program becomes overly expansive and complex, it can turn into a source of frustration and lead to a perception that the program is ineffective, writes Siew Fong. By adopting a proactive...

How to get ahead of Microsoft’s 345 million other AI users

Microsoft is on the brink of providing 345 million people with Generative AI tools that will forever change the way we work and interact with information. It may be as impactful as search, social media and, perhaps,...

Professional Services branding: What’s your type?

Typography plays an important role in designing a professional services logo. It helps convey a brand’s identity, values, and message effectively. Here are some key reasons why typography is crucial in logo design for professional services:

Personal or corporate brand – a question of balance

Professional services firms need to balance the personal brand of its star talent with the corporate brand, writes Matthew Rowe, Head of Marketing at Rickard Luckin. Professional services marketers were traditionally employed to market...

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