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The tale of the Monomyth Marketer

Are all marketers heroes? The Hero’s Journey might feel like the less well-trodden path, but nobody ever said the quest to achieve greatness would be easy. Our story of The Marketer, writes Jack Osbon, begins at the beginning.

The Ordinary World
The Marketer goes through the motions of an ordinary day in an ordinary world. An ever-increasing to-do list continues to evaporate inspiration. The routine of doing what has always been done is firmly engrained in the psyche.

The Call to Adventure
The Marketer begins to go through the motions of yet another ordinary day, but something different happens. A bus drives by with an advertising poster, and it sparks an interest. Perhaps the phrasing looks different, or the message is quirky, something different is sensed.

Refusal of the Call
The Marketer feels that the call to action was just a passing thought and that things couldn’t possibly be done like that. It was just a spur-of-the-moment passage in time. But what if things could change? There is scope to differentiate and try ideas, and this one could be a winner. Perhaps running it by the mentor will reinvigorate the idea.

Meeting with the Mentor
The Marketer briefs the stakeholders and lays the blueprint for what the campaign will entail. Budgets are finalised, plans signed off and agreed by all. The belief is evident and the goals are within reach.

Crossing the First Threshold
The Marketer crosses the threshold. Using everything learned from previous managers, colleagues and experiences and feeling enthused by the planning and strategy, there is no time to look back. The time is now. The campaign begins.

Tests, Allies, and Enemies
The Marketer is instantly put to the test. There has been resistance from the stakeholders in terms of buy-in, and general apathy from most. At times it feels like they are not on the same side. But the campaign progresses, aided by allies and champions. Bumpy campaign tasks are overcome and small victories continue.

Approach to the Innermost Cave
The Marketer insists on having the team talk. The one before the campaign goes live. Stakeholders gather in anticipation of what is to come. The preparation, enthusiasm and responsibilities are relayed, and the team is ready.

The Ordeal
The Marketer has prepared and is ready. The day is here. Everything is in place and success is incoming. Except that the delivery has not arrived, stakeholders have gone AWOL, and technology is failing. The firefighting has begun. Despite the meticulous planning, the variables have not favoured, and the wish is to be swallowed into the ground. The world goes dark except for a small light in the distance.

The Marketer uses that glimmer before completely fading. The show must go on. Things are tackled one at a time. The light at the end of the tunnel shines a little brighter. Being ready for combat has been part of the preparations all along. But valuable insight has been learned and improvements will be made after ensuring survival.

The Road Back
The Marketer reforms a new approach with a debrief. Matrixes are compiled with the stakeholders in the war room. No fingers are pointed, and the determination is prominent. The campaign nears completion with a final battle.

The Resurrection
The Marketer comes face to face with the final obstacle. The main campaign has been victorious, but the most difficult challenge, the follow-up. Taking into account everything that has been learned, the follow-up commences with produced valuable return on investment in the form of brand awareness, keeping in touch touchpoints, and business development leads.

Return with the Elixir
The Marketer finished the campaign with a flourish. The campaign has a wash-up meeting that notes those incremental improvements. The feedback and the praise made the efforts worthwhile, and a sense of satisfaction emanates from within. The will to go again surges.

The Marketer has become The Monomyth Marketer.

Jack Osbon is a is a chartered marketer in professional services.

Matt Baldwin
Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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