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What does a great professional services marketer look like? A new report from Storians and B2B marketing 

Who are the most influential marketers in the professional services sector, and what do they all have in common?

Marketing agency Storians and B2B Marketing has published a new report that celebrates what the best marketers in our sector do differently.

The report, Trendsetters and Trailblazers 2023, published in April, names 15 influential professional service marketers and examines what sets them apart.

Included in the select list are marketing legends Sadie Baron, CMO at Reed Smith, Leor Franks, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Kingsley Knapley, and Lucy Murphy, Global Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Allen & Overy.

In publishing, Storians wants to challenge the often-heard narrative that professional services marketing is somehow the poor relation to its B2C cousins. The report will be of interest to anyone working within professional services, particularly marketers looking for inspiration for their own career development.

In putting together the 15 most influential marketers, Storians and B2B Marketing drew up a list of around 80 professional service marketers who were driving interest and had significant marketing agendas. From this, they developed their final 15 based on the individual’s global voice, innovation and/or effectiveness, and peer recommendations.

Once the final list was established, each individual was invited to undertake psychometric assessment using the Hogan methodology, conducted by RHR International. The results were then benchmarked against 1,200 executive level professionals. The analysis found the final 15 to be ‘change agents and risk takers’, ‘energetic extroverts’ and ‘constant learners’.

The report delves further, examining what shaped these marketers as people and as leaders, and their thoughts on the future of professional services marketing.

The report aims to celebrate some of the finest talent professional services has to offer, drive discussion around the level of creativity in the sector and inspire the next generation of professional services marketers.

You can download a free copy here:

Matt Baldwin
Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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