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Blick Rothenberg – Inside the Brave Business podcast

The accountants Blick Rothenberg has launched a new podcast for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial businesses. It is called BRave Business and is hosted by the former BBC broadcaster and journalist Declan Curry.

Dan Gray, Head of Content at Blick Rothenberg and the mastermind behind BRave Business joined The Professionals to share the secrets behind a successful podcast.

In this video, Dan explains:
– How a podcast fits into a content strategy.
– Tips on how to structure a podcast.
– The value a professional broadcaster and host can bring.
– How Blick Rothenberg chooses podcast themes and guests.
– How you can build an audience for a podcast.
– And how you can measure the impact of a podcast.

Visit www.blickrothenberg.com or search Brave Business on your favourite podcast platform to listen in.

Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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