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How can law and accountancy firms identify when their website is out of date? 

How do you know if your website is ready for a refresh? Tracey Stock, Design Director at Conscious Solutions. Offers the following advice.

Your firm’s website is one of the first places potential clients are going to land, so it needs to be making a great impression on traffic that lands on your website. When you search something on Google, and click a link, you expect to find the answer to your query high up on the page you clicked on. If the answer you are looking for isn’t immediately obvious, you are likely to click off the website and find the information somewhere else. This is the same for users searching for law or accountancy firms. 

From a user perspective, there are many aspects of a law or accountancy firm’s website that can cause frustration and lead to a potential client leaving your website and heading to your competitors instead. It’s important to ensure your website is continuously updated to ensure the latest advice is being discussed and to utilise any new features or tools that could make your website work better so your firm stands out from the crowd.

From a firm’s perspective, there are some tell-tale signs that your website is no longer performing as it once did and could be the reason traffic isn’t converting to an enquiry. Some of the signs that your website is out of date include:

  • It is slow to load
  • It is difficult to navigate
  • There isn’t a clear structure to follow
  • There are no clear call-to-action buttons
  • It looks busy 
  • The brand no longer reflects your firm
  • It is not mobile friendly
  • Content is outdated

If any of the above sounds familiar, it could be time to make that call and discuss how to bring your website into 2023. By updating your website, you can build trust with potential clients, stand out from the competition, and provide your users with valuable content that answers their questions and shows your expertise. 

A website redesign can be a daunting and scary project, so make sure you do your research into what features look good but perform well too and ensure those involved in the decisions in your firm are on the same page. You might find the use of a digital marketing agency useful to inform you of accessibility guidelines, best practices, features, and pages to include on your website and more to ensure your firm is getting the most out of its website. 

If you want to identify some areas for improvement on your site, use our free website healthcheck tool by filling out the form. The report covers a range of factors including search engine optimisation, social media profiles, accessibility, and directory listings and compares your website against your competitors. 

Conscious Solutions help law firms to become more successful online and have over 19 years of experience in website design, search engine optimisation, paid advertising, social media, and legal copywriting for law firms. 

Matt Baldwin
Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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