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The Glue: a podcast for professional services BD, marketing and communications teams

A new podcast, The Glue, has just been launched for business development (BD), marketing and communications teams in professional services firms.

It’s called The Glue because its founder and host James Stringer believes these teams bind much of these firms’ activities together. And The Professionals agree.

Each episode will share insight from expert practitioners on a different topic. This will include technical topics such as CRM, winning work, growing awareness for your firm, using digital marketing more effectively, or how to do a brand refresh, as well as insight on different sectors of the professional services market, career development tips and interpersonal skills.

James told The Professionals he hopes that “anyone working in these roles will enjoy listening to real experts talking about their areas of expertise and the tips and tricks offered to support anyone looking to be more effective in their role.

“This is especially relevant if they are new to this industry, have been promoted, are facing unfamiliar work situations or their responsibilities have grown into new areas.”

Each episode will be published fortnightly and will last 30 minutes or less.

The first episode can be found here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/2137500/12283218

Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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