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‘Time to go primal’

Marketing and business development teams have never been under more under pressure. Every move is scrutinised, every penny counted and results matter. In a smaller firm, with limited resource and budget, there is no place to hide.

It is time, says Oliver Taylor, Marketing Manager at law firm Mundays, to get back to basics and go primal.

Mundays is a 60-strong law firm with offices in Weybridge, Surrey and London. The firm acts for wealthy individuals, their families and for businesses. Oli Taylor joined the firm five years ago, following stints at Hodge Jones & Allen, US firm Winston & Strawn and Morrisons Solicitors, relishing the opportunity to make a real impact in a regional firm again.

“We have never been busier as marketers,” says Oli. “Our inboxes are over-flowing and demand for our support is never higher. But at times it can feel overwhelming. I believe we need, now more than ever, to slow down, re-evaluate and focus on what is important. It is, in short, time to go primal.”

In smaller firms, with limited marketing resource and budget, that is likely to focus on three core areas: a deep understanding of the client, good content and recommendations.

“Our lawyers really do understand the value of client relationships,” says Oli. “They work hard to nurture them, often going the extra mile, and showing a human side to the often-challenging work being undertaken. But it is something we have to continuously work hard at, and in a smaller firm it is the role of the marketer to help and facilitate that as far as we possibly can.”

In a pre-COVID world that was relatively straightforward, with a healthy events and community engagement programme. But in a world working remotely and often isolated from meeting clients face-to-face, content has become ever-more important.

“Yet that too can create challenges,” explains Oli. “Content needs to be engaging and eye-catching. The straightforward legal update, whilst helpful, doesn’t always cut through. We look to the topical, the stories in mainstream media and popular culture to drive our content, always working to the mantra ‘do not be boring’. It has helped our lawyers keep in touch with clients whilst helping start new conversations.”

The final string to the primal bow is recommendations, from both intermediaries that can refer work and from clients directly.

“We work hard to ensure positive and encouraging reviews online and on the solicitor referral websites,” says Oli. “Where a review isn’t great, we go that extra step to address the underlying problems and have the review updated and changed. It can take time, but a bad review on an influential website will hang around for quite some time.”

Oli’s final word of advice: in a small firm, with a small budget, or even in a marketing team of just one person, don’t panic and don’t try to do everything. Slow down and focus on what is important. Go primal and evolve from there.

Matt Baldwin
Matt Baldwin
Co-founder – Coast Communications

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